G2A’s monthly pack

Looks like G2A has a new feature called “G2A Deals“.
G2A Deal offers all subscribers a hand-picked selection of several excellent, remarkable, critically acclaimed video games. Those will range from triple-A productions, to indie games that are too good to ignore, to classics which should be present in every gamer’s library.February G2A Deal’s subscription price is only €1.50 for five wonderful games. You can subscribe to or un-subscribe from G2A Deal at any time. And if you don’t want to subscribe just yet, you will always be able to test the waters with a one-time purchase for €2.50. You do not even need to make a G2A account to try it out – it is all risk free.
Future Deals may come at different prices, but always attractive, and truly worth calling them a Deal. A new Deal will be presented each month, always at an attractive price, and future plans in addition to games involve attractive discounts and other rewards.
Each Deal is created in close cooperation with game developers or publishers themselves (no third-party sellers involved) to make sure every gamer is satisfied with every pack, every month. All the keys are Steam-activated and acquired directly from developers to remove any unnecessary steps between you and your games.
The keys will be available immediately after purchase as Steam codes, and will not be region-locked. Customers will not be able to put the keys up for sale on G2A. With G2A Deal, there are no strings attached, you really get all five great games for only €1.50. This is a deal you will not, and cannot, get anywhere else.

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Author: Elissa Pollard